Thursday, January 29, 2015


GCH CH Kiarry’s Stonewall Jackson

The Sand and Sea Kennel Club had the day two spot at the Atlantic Ocean Classic on the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ.  The seven dogs that got enjoy the view on a blustery January afternoon were the English Setter, GCH CH Weymouth’s En Fuego, the American Foxhound, GCH CH Kiarry’s Stonewall Jackson, the Akita, GCH CH CR-Wicca’s Trade Secret, the Airedale Terrier, GCH CH Joval Sweet Time, the Smooth Coat Chihuahua, GCH CH Sonnus Filho (Sanchez), the Lowchen, GCH CH Bihar’s Defying Gravity, and the Australian Shepherd, GCH CH Colloinwood’s Sparks Fly.

GCH CH Joval Sweet Time 
(photo by Gay Glazbrook)

Judge Terry DePietro’s Best In Show was the latest protégé of Foxhound maven Lisa Miller.  Picking up the RBIS was the Airedale, Splenda.  It was the first BIS for Jackson.  Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Lisa Miller, co-breeder Harry Miller, and owner Ellen Charles.


GCH CH Lockenhaus' Rumor Has It V Kenlyn 

The Griffin Georgia Kennel Club opened the four day Cherokee Rose Cluster in Atlanta GA and asked judge Sari Brewster Tietjen to take the final ring. The seven dogs that joined her there were the Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Ashdown’s Time to Thrill, the Afghan Hound, GCH CH Tells Matrix Reloaded, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, GCH CH Derby's Toast With Gusto, the Skye Terrier, GCH CH Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie, the Shih Tzu, GCH CH Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power, the Standard Poodle, GCH CH Dawin Hearts on Fire, and the German Shepherd Dog, GCH CH Lockenhaus' Rumor Has It V Kenlyn. 

GCH CH Tells Matrix Reloaded 

Taking the opening BIS was the GSD, Rumor, with the RBIS going to the Afghan, Matrix. Rumor, our newest Dog2Watch, has been having a great 2015 with six BIS, three RBIS and 11 Herding Groups in just 12 outings this year. Suddenly the Herding Group at next month’s Westminster Kennel Club show just got more interesting.


GCH CH Pequest General Tso 

They say that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. We don’t know about that, but we do know that show dogs and AKC exhibitors will brave any conditions to attend a five day cluster. Fanciers ignored a blizzard forecast to open this week’s Atlantic Ocean Classic at the Wildwood NJ Convention Center. Happily the weather promises to be cold, but clear for the remainder of the week. 

GCH CH Classical’s My Turn 

Judge Marjorie Tuff had the final at Wednesday’s Union County Kennel Club show and her pick of the Pointer, GCH CH Hipoint Here Comes The Sun, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, GCH CH Icecream v Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes, the Mastiff, GCH CH Pioneer’s Shabri-Els Shaken Bacon, the Colored Bull Terrier, GCH CH Notorious Never Say Never, the Pekingese, GCH CH Pequest General Tso, the Dalmatian, GCH CH Spotted Bliss Oreo Delight, and the Bearded Collie, GCH CH Classical’s My Turn. 

Her Best was the Peke, General Tso, and her Reserve, the Beardie, Turner. It was the first of the year for The General who completed 2014 as the Number One Pekingese with six BIS and 33 Toy Groups.  Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler David Fitzpatrick and owner Nancy Shapland.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


GCH CH Skyeline’s Unit of Measure

Meanwhile down in Southern California, the Orange Empire Kennel Club drew a large entry for its two shows.  On Saturday judge Jon Cole would see seven dogs winnowed from almost 1300 dogs.  They were the English Springer Spaniel, GCH CH Foxboro N Shardust Authentic, the Longhaired Dachshund, GCH CH Walmar-Solo’s IOU SL, the Doberman Pinscher, GCH CH Excelsia’s He Thinks He’s Wonderful, the Miniature Bull Terrier, GCH CH Dytona VIP, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, GCH CH Mayfield Charming Chester, the Keeshond, GCH CH Skyeline’s Unit of Measure, and the Australian Cattle Dog, GCH CH Kokopelli’s Sobe It. 

GCH CH Walmar-Solo’s IOU SL

It was the Keeshond, Cubit, picking up the BIS and the Dachshund, Cash, collecting the RBIS.  It was the first BIS of the year for Cubit, who was last year’s Number Three Non-Sporting Dog with seven BIS and 42 Group Ones.  Congratulations to breeders Kristen Cullen DVM & Susan Cullen, owner/handler Jean Gauchat-Hargis, and owner Joshua Hargis.

GCH CH Winway Ramona Quimby

Cubit would be the only one of Saturday’s finalists to make it to Houston Clark’s BIS ring on Sunday.  Joining them were the Golden Retriever, GCH CH Sandpiper’s Let Freedom Ring, the Whippet, GCH CH Winway Ramona Quimby, the Akita, GCH CH Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth, the Miniature Schnauzer, GCH CH Allaruth Carmel Still Kidding V Sole Baye, the Brussels Griffon, GCH CH Hilltop GQ Cover Boy, and the Old English Sheepdog, GCH CH Love N Stuff Summertime Blues.

Collecting her very first Best In Show was the Whippet, Ramona, while Cubit, the Keeshond, added an RBIS to his previous BIS.  Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Valerie Nunes Atkinson and breeder/owner Dr Suzi Fosnot.


GCH CH Wind Spirit Rod’s Amazing Grace

San Francisco is one of the world’s unique cities.  Few cities can combine the best of urban existence with some of the most breath-taking vistas to be had, all jammed in a scant 48 square miles.  In San Francisco, the Golden Gate Kennel Club is the perfect way for the fancier to start his/her year.  The GGKC’s January show, one of the few AKC benched shows remaining, is a favorite of West Coast fanciers.

GCH CH Kulana’s Sh-Boom

The seven dogs that made it to judge Eva Berg’s final on Saturday were the German Shorthaired Pointer, CH Hunterspride Moonstruck Farook JH, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, GCH CH M&M’s Fear the Beard, the Newfoundland, GCH CH Seacrest’s I’m Not What You Think, the Lakeland Terrier, CH  Snowtaires Next Generation, the Chinese Crested, GCH CH Kulana’s Sh-Boom, the Standard Poodle, GCH CH Del Zarzoso Salvame From Afterglow, and the Australian Shepherd, GCH CH Wind Spirit Rod’s Amazing Grace.

Taking the BIS was the Aussie, Grace.  Picking up the RBIS was the Crested, Holly.  It’s the first BIS of the year for Grace and owner/handler Megan Hof.  Congratulations to Megan, and breeders/owners Marcia Berna Bertero & Carlos Osmar Bertero.

GCH CH Seacrest’s I’m Not What You Think 
(photo by Vicki Holloway)

On Sunday judge Janet Lobb would see the Flat-Coated Retriever, GCH CH Blazins Karibbean Black Sparrow, the 15” Beagle, GCH CH XPlorers Destiny Done It, the previously seen Newfoundland, the Colored Bull Terrier, GCH CH Bestuvall On Easy Street, the Crested Holly, the French Bulldog, CH LeBull’s Reverie Jaunty Allouetta, and Grace, the Aussie.

Judge Lobb would name the Newfoundland, Dexter, her Best, and Grace, the Aussie, his Reserve.  It’s the first of the year for Dexter who collected one BIS and one Working Group last year.  Congratulations to Congratulations to breeders Danielle Nelson & Debra Nelson, owner Joyce Taylor, and handler Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson. 


GCH CH Rainbow Splash’s Ruggedly Handsome

The hometown Alexandria Kennel Club had the Saturday and Sunday spots in that Louisiana city this past weekend, finishing day one with judge Danell Brown in the final ring.  Her seven hopefuls were the Brittany, GCH CH Rainbow Splash’s Ruggedly Handsome, the 15” Beagle, CH Blueprints Top Of The Line, the Doberman Pinscher, GCH CH Dezperado’s Hallelujah CA CGC, the Scottish Terrier, GCH CH Kelwyn’s GM Freestyle Flyer, the Shih Tzu, GCH CH Hallmark Jolie Rocket Power, the Boxer, GCH CH Dowat’s The Gladiator, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, GCH CH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh.

GCH CH Dezperado’s Hallelujah CA CGC

Going to the head of the line was the Brittany, Beckett, followed by the Doberman, Glory.  Last year’s Number One Sporting Dog is making a bid to be this year’s Number One Dog All Breeds, having already collected six BIS this month.

GCH CH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh

On Sunday judge Arely Hussin would see  four of Saturday’s finalists, the Doberman, Glory, the Shih Tzu, Rocket, the Bulldog, Don Juan, and the Cardigan, Coco, along with the Irish Setter, GCH CH Militza’s My Cherie Amour, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, GCH CH Iceage v Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes, and the West Highland White Terrier, GCH CH Tullybloom’s Classified Credentials.

Glory, the Doberman, packed up the big rosette and Coco, the Cardigan, took home the reserve ribbon.  It was the second BIS of the year for Glory.


GCH CH Derby’s Toast With Gusto

We return to our weekend show reports with the results of the St Charles Missouri Kennel Club’s two shows.  Judge Robert Vandiver had the day one final and his pick of the Labrador Retriever, GCH CH Glacieridge Tabatha’s Granite, the Saluki, GCH CH Starlite’s Made Of The Best Stuff On Earth BN RN JC, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, GCH CH Derby’s Toast With Gusto, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, GCH CH Cumhill Hell Raiser, the Toy Manchester Terrier, GCH CH Cottage Lakes Our Lady Of Fatima, the Schipperke, GCH CH Rivendel’s Barefoot Bandit, and the Shetland Sheepdog, GCH CH Belmark Close Encounter.

GCH CH Belmark Close Encounter

His Best was the Swissie, Gus, and his Reserve the Sheltie, Keaton.  It’s the second BIS of the year for Gus, who finished last year as the Number Eight Working Dog with nine and 32 Working groups.  Congratulations to breeders Robyn & Ken Toth & Kristin Kleeman, owner Sue Copeland, and handler Scott Sommer.

GCH CH Cumhill Hell Raiser
(photo by Blue Dog Northwest)

Gus and the StaffyBull, Ollie, would return to the final ring on Sunday to try their luck with judge Dr Robert Indeglia.  They were joined by the English Springer Spaniel, CH Tiptop N Heritage Electra Glide, the 15” Beagle, GCH CH Torquay Midnight Victory, the Chinese Crested, GCH CH Zens Cirque Du Soleil, the Finnish Sptiz, CH Kunniakas Whizz Bang Wallop, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Graffiti McMatt Shook Me @Lookouttrail.

GCH CH Torquay Midnight Victory

Finishing one/two were Ollie, the StaffyBull, and Vicki, the Beagle.  It was Ollie’s fist BIS this year.  Ollie was 2014’s Number One Staffordshire Bull Terrier with three BIS and 27 Terrier Groups.  Congratulations to breeder, Martin Fitzgerald, owner Zane Smith, and handler Paul Catterson.